Travel Theme-Freedom




Travel Theme.


When I read that freedom was this week’s challenge all…


I could think of was how free seagulls appeared…
seagull_0057in flight.

4-seagull_0050Soaring on wind currents before diving low…

5-seagull_0123in playful swoops over water.

australian gannet_0229

A Face Book friend provided me with the name of this

Australian Gannet

australian gannet_0230At the time of shooting, it was so far away I thought it a seagull.

It was not until I had an enlarged view,

and saw its golden head and neck,

that I realised it was not

‘just a seagull’.


I will finish with another seagull captured at

Queenscliff a few weeks ago

seagull_0763The fly by it gave me epitomizes freedom…I think.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Freedom







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