Weekly Photo Challenge-Twinkle


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



From Corio Bay again this week.

corio_bay_0028Ripples in the water made these reflected lights appear to twinkle,

one Saturday evening during winter.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have previously posted these three  photos of

Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 these photos, however, are what happens after the

three basic colours do their thing.

A kaleidoscope of colour twinkled through

the night for all to see.

A still camera does not do justice

to the sight, unfortunately.


If you your Java Script is

not working I have included each

and every shot from the slides shows, below

Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0581 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0630 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0603Three basic colours above….

the light show below.

Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0728 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0704 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0701 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0700 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0697 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0691 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0688 Hope you enjoyed the ‘Christmassy’ feel

to the Twinkle Challenge










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