Travel Theme-Arches




Travel Theme.


Nature and wildlife contain many arches…

Giraffe_0026asuch as the gentle arch in a giraffe’s neck as it bends to feed.

 arch_0181I don’t know what this bird is,

but have always thought it looked like a mirror reflection

except that the reflection has a big arch in its back line.

impala_1535HLast year we were told that impalas were the rabbits of Africa.

More recently, I read or heard a conversation

describing them as McDonalds of Africa.

It was asked if they were called McDonalds because of the

black line which forms rough M arches around their rump.


This is my favourite arch this week.

A gorgeous sight in the setting sun

 Thankfully it remains under 24 hour military guard.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Arches





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