Travel Theme-Autumn




Travel Theme.


An autumn theme at this time of the year…

when the seasons are opposite Down Under.


 However, the first day of November brought us blustery winds

and 26 points of welcome rain overnight.

And it did look and feel like autumn.

One of our Golden Robinia trees was

tossed around in the winds and rain during the day.

The rain still managed to find my feet

even though I had only opened the door

to get a better angle on the tree.

It was one of those horizontal rain days.



Two or three weeks ago…

garden_0497our Golden Robinias were covered in blooms…

garden_0494and the occasional bug.

garden_0511The rest of the garden was…

garden_0512at its colourful best.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Autumn




6 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Autumn

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    • The Golden Robinia is the tree in the first photo. It was just wind blown and cold yesterday and looked more like autumn or winter weather than spring of a few weeks ago when covered in blossoms. May also be a vine…but do not think so.


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