Which Way Challenge-14-Wk-17


Some photos from Botswana.

botswana_08Nearly every town had a small market like this one.

botswana_21The joy about organised travelling is that I don’t have to drive…

botswana_28which makes it much easier to enjoy…

botswana_31the passing scenery.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-14-Week-17







Travel Theme-Numbers




Travel Theme.


This afternoon we decided to call in and see how our off-spring are surviving.
number_0466The first thing I noticed was the number 5.

Marvellous how attitudes change when  one manages a liquor store.

I have never taken notice of the numerical information

on the back of bottles before today.

number_0467My reading is usually reserved for the front of the package.

number_0485However, I did notice that when boys need to purchase they do look for value packs.

number_0483Mind boggling the amount of information on a cereal package…
number_0481and I still don’t what the difference is between ‘fat’ and ‘sat fat’.  I assume both are bad.

number_0469All bachelor pads must include one of these…

number_0487 and one of these to amplify the guitars.

number_0472One in retail and the other in finance it wasn’t hard to find a spreadsheet…
number_472or rent numbers lying around the table.


 But the numbers which hurt me the most were these.

With unleaded petrol at $1.469 per litre,

or AUD$7.68 per (imperial) gallon,

it did not take long for the meter to run up to $45.

Last photo taken through the windscreen of my car…hence the haziness. 


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Numbers



Weekly Photo Challenge-Cover-Art


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Cover Art



 My Cover Art

Book, CD, Photo Album…

who knows?





Cee-Black-White Challenge-Toys


Cee’s Black and White Challenge:

Toys for all ages.



toysSome toys for the young…

camera_0320and some toys…

camera_1731for the not so young.


Cee’s Black & White: Toys for all ages




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Green


My contribution for this week’s

Colour Green



The Chobe River is the setting for this weeks Green challenge.

chobe_0242The foliage along the river contains a variety of shades of green…

crocodile_0314and there are many places where one could pull in a boat

and have a picnic on invitingly, cool, green grass.

elephant_0462You could also cross over to the island in the

middle of the river and enjoy some solitude.

However, on this day you would need to pretend

that seventy other rather large, but polite, visitors were not there.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Colour Green




A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Recline


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



Once again I have added Google’s definition of ‘recline’…

maybe because my recliners may be stretching it…just a tad.

Google Definition of ‘recline‘ is to

lean or lie back in a relaxed position with the back supported.’

giraffeH_2216aperhaps sitting more than reclining…but a cute photo, courtesy MGW.

elephant_0839aAt first glance…not relining.  However, a closer peep at the bottom, left and you will see a baby elephant which appears to be reclining in the shade while mum, sisters, cousins aunties and uncles provide shade and some sense of security.

zebra_0103No need for shade or protection here…

zebra_0110this zebra was quite happy to stretch out on the ground in the middle of the day,

I dare-say relying on its mates to alert it to predators.










Black and White Tuesday-2110



Black and White

Tuesday, October 21, 2014



African Fish Eagle

fish-eagle_0577The African Fish Eagle has been pointed out to us in

both South Africa and Botswana.

However, it was only this year, in Botswana,

that I actually was able to hear and recognise them, by their call.

It is such a beautiful and crisp call, which carries

well in the early evening air.



Hope you enjoyed.