Which Way Challenge-14-Wk-18


Elephant Sands, North East, Botswana.

elephant_0038A short drive over a sandy track…

elephant_0043brought us to the elephant lodge and the Elephant Rules.

elephant_0048Elephant Rules exist because elephants come to drink at a water bore which is situated a mere twenty metres or so from the dining area and bar.

Around 2200 our South African guide, gallantly offered to escort some German tourists back to their camp site only to look to his left, when nearly there, and see an 5 tonne elephant only 5-10 feet from him.

To say he was surprised would be understating the fact.


Above is the ‘chalet’ in which MGW and I had spent the previous night.

Kind of gives an idea of why there are Elephant Rules.

All accommodation circles the watering point and

elephants need to walk in and out past guest accommodation.

Truly a 5 star experience but our, collective,

accommodation was disappointing.

The new tents look much  better.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-14-Week-18







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