Travel Theme-Numbers




Travel Theme.


This afternoon we decided to call in and see how our off-spring are surviving.
number_0466The first thing I noticed was the number 5.

Marvellous how attitudes change when  one manages a liquor store.

I have never taken notice of the numerical information

on the back of bottles before today.

number_0467My reading is usually reserved for the front of the package.

number_0485However, I did notice that when boys need to purchase they do look for value packs.

number_0483Mind boggling the amount of information on a cereal package…
number_0481and I still don’t what the difference is between ‘fat’ and ‘sat fat’.  I assume both are bad.

number_0469All bachelor pads must include one of these…

number_0487 and one of these to amplify the guitars.

number_0472One in retail and the other in finance it wasn’t hard to find a spreadsheet…
number_472or rent numbers lying around the table.


 But the numbers which hurt me the most were these.

With unleaded petrol at $1.469 per litre,

or AUD$7.68 per (imperial) gallon,

it did not take long for the meter to run up to $45.

Last photo taken through the windscreen of my car…hence the haziness. 


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Numbers



7 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Numbers

  1. What an interesting take on numbers … you clever guy!!

    I choked at your price of gas. I’m certainly not going to complain about our current $1.19 per liter. We were hovering around the $1.38 mark in the spring and it’s a pleasure to see it this low for a change.


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