Wordless Wednesday-1510


A sequel to my Odd-Ball Challenge from Nata Bird Sanctuary.


What I perceived to be a high, grey wall was

actually a large expanse of water.

This was the bird sanctuary.

So, where were the birds?

We were told, prior to arriving, that birds

may be scarce at that time of year…and they were.

nata_0379We found two ducks near us…
nata_0389and waaaaay over in the distance, those two little

pale coloured strips on the water are flamingos.

At least, that is what I was told by all those

who have better eyes than I do.

The disappointing thing was that we could get no closer to these birds.

flamingo dance_0439To compensate for the lack of birds our guide

performed the ‘flamingo dance’ for us.

This is the last of about twenty shots.


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