Weekly Photo Challenge-Dreamy2


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Dreamy 2


On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon, what else can you do…

dreamybut dream…?









Travel Theme-Interior




Travel Theme.


After spending a night on Lekhubu Island,

in the middle of thousands of acres of salt pans…
audi camp_07it was pleasant to arrive at Audi Camp, near Maun.

Audi Camp is on the Thamalakane River and

our tent had a river view through the trees.

The Thamalakane River is directly joined to

the Okavango Delta by the Okavango River

audi camp_08Before the interior I decided to post a couple of external shots as well…

this one includes the external shower at the near end of the tent.

audi camp_H1764Inside the tent was heaven and could

almost have suited the dreamy photo challenge this week

audi camp_H1762Comfortable beds, mosquito nets and electric lights.

audi camp_H1763Little did we know this was just softening us up before

the next six night in two person tents.

audi camp_H1765

Finally, I mention the external view of the outdoor shower…this is the interior.

As you can see the walls end rather abruptly and it was rather chilly.

But after no facilities at all at Lekhubu, this was five-star accommodation.

Wonderful camping facilities and would recommend Audi Camp

to anyone heading in the Maun area.

Interior photos courtesy MGW. :-)



Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Interior




Which Way Challenge-14-Wk-15


It is interesting travelling in another country or state…

SIGN_0058one tends to see different signs along the road.

SIGN_058Koala, kangaroos, sheep and cattle are fairly common in Australia.

However, I think I can safely say I have never seen this sign Down Under…

whichway_0255and we may commonly see the aforementioned animals on our roads,

but never donkeys.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-14-Week-15