Weekly Photo Challenge-Dreamy


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



This afternoon drive in Botswana…

elephants-H_2239was one that we will dream about for a  long time.

It was also something that we never dreamed would happen.

elephants-H_2253Elephants as far as the eye could see.

elephants-H_2269On a hot, hazy, September afternoon our guide

estimated over 1,000 were out for a stroll

for the Aussie tourists.

Photos courtesy MGW.











Cee-Black-White Challenge-What is Beautiful to You


What is beautiful to me.


 Last year we met Limpy the lioness at Sausage Tree Safari Camp

in South Africa.

At the time she had two six-week old cubs…

Limpy_0494-2and we have watched them grow during the past year

via Facebook posts.

 In early September a Facebook post proclaimed Limpy’s demise.

She had been attacked by other lions and by the time veterinarians

attended her she was in a bad way.

The vets decided that it would be better to end her suffering and

effectively orphaned her cubs.

Fortunately the cubs are nearly old enough

to survive in the wild…we hope.

Limpy-1We all fell in love with Limpy, or maybe, her cubs.

We will always remember Limpy and her cubs as we have had a

picture drawn of the cubs by Warren Cary, a South African artist.

Our picture is also a  black and white, pencil drawing.

It acts a reminder of a beautiful animal, in the wild, and

brings us immense pleasure each time we look at it.

R.I.P. Limpy


Cee’s Black & White: What is Beautiful to You