Travel Theme-Bountiful




Travel Theme.


During an afternoon game drive at Savuti Camp…elephants_0506we encountered this group of elephants and

were quite excited by the number.


elephants_0061After a closer look we noted elephants as far as the eye could see.

We drove for around three or four kilometres with family after family of elephants approaching us, while still others had crossed the road and were disappearing into woodlands.

Our guide estimated that there was over 1,000 elephants in the sighting and

declared it the largest group of elephants he had seen in fourteen years as a guide.


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      • Then I shall gracefully accept the compliment…with many thanks. It is a memory that will not fade for many, many years. Near the end of our trip our guide said that we had probably sighted over 3,000 elephants in total. While each and everyone was special, nothing will take away the memory of such a large number of elephants in one place. I always thought those sightings were something one saw on a wildlife documentary. Breath taking.

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