Weekly Photo Challenge-Signs


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



The Khama Rhino Sanctuary was our second stop in Botswana.

khama sign_0277As the sign states, the Rhinoceros population here is being watched over….

if fact cared for by a military guard.

sign_0010Signs indicated…

where to eat,

the most important place of all on a hot day,

and of course that swimming was available.

khama sign_0549This sign was self-explanatory.

khama sign_0011I just love the placement of this sign…

khama sign_0014in the background is a temporary canvas restaurant, and bar, and…


to the left are the beginnings of the new restaurant,

the previous restaurant having burned down,

This photo is a sure sign of better things to come.

khama sign_0282Rule number three states: ‘Driving  is not allowed after dark’.

We were told that this because the sanctuary is guarded twenty-four hours a day

by members of a nearby military camp…

khama_0113and to re-enforce this statement we had noted these towers,

during our drive around the sanctuary.

Another sign of poaching problems.

Poaching Rhinoceros for their (keratin-fingernail) horn is so bad that in

excess of 1,000 rhinoceros were killed in South Africa alone, in 2013,

…just for the horn.

That is nearly 3 rhinos shot dead


day during 2013.

I did hear that even a foetus had its horn removed

The policy here, is ‘shoot first ask questions later’.

I  was not about to test the policy!


Graph 1, data published by South African Department of Environmental Affairs (2014)


By my calculations, the 2013 figure of

1004 deaths

will be


this year



Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Rocks-Boulders-Stones


This week’s Black and White

Rocks, Boulders, Stones



A great topic.

1-DSC_0512I found heaps of boulders rocks and stones while in

South Africa and Kruger Park last year.

They were used for sign posts…

1-DSC_0747to mark  significant events.  I cannot remember where this was taken,

or exactly how far it was from water.

What I can remember is that it was astonishing how far,

and how high above water level, these markers were.

It does not refer to the few inches between

the line and ground level.

1-SIGN_0044Camps such as Mopani utilised stones at their gateways


Then there were those that were too big to do anything with.

I think these resemble our Devils Marbles in the Northen Territory.