Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Yellow


My contribution for this week’s




Not sure if the on-coming vehicle is yellow, or not!  yellow_0213

Looks yellow to me.

My eyes said the line along the edge of the road was certainly yellow.

sunset_0161I think these sunrise/sunset photos…
sunset_0143all contain a patch of yellow…

sunrise_0043 at minimum.

hornbill_0184The only thing I am certain of is that

this is one of two YELLOW hornbills

which took refuge, from the heat, in our car.

They thanked us in the only way a bird can!!


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Yellow







14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Yellow

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    • Me too. Its been great going to Africa just for the sunsets…which undoubtedly I could find here if I travelled away from suburbia. Suburban lights tend to make ‘good’ sunsets a few and far between. As for the birds I think we had four species of hornbill in camp on our last day of camping.


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