Travel Theme-Inviting




Travel Theme.


In north-east Botswana there is a lodge named Elephant Sands…
elephant_0263where elephants come to drink, not from the muddy pool of water

but from an invitingly fresh, cool, clear bore water bubbling up at this elephant’s feet.

elephant_0193Whether it be mid afternoon, or…
elephant_0294after dark…
elephant_1371or in the early morning sun, the elephants come,

take turns to drink and quietly leave.


This one left via our ‘chalet’.

Just wish we had been over there.

This photo courtesy MGW.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Inviting



8 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Inviting

    • I just love seeing elephants. Our guide estimated we sighted over 3,000 during the trip and we all loved each and every one. Can’t say the same about some others…who claimed…’if you’ve seen one elephant you’ve seen them all….’


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  2. inviting indeed – and love the different times of day – I also heard that elephants consume water that has clay in it – which turns out to be ant-paraistic for them… not sure of all elephants but watched documentary on it that said this of some elephants – hm


    • Have not heard bout the clay. However, Jodie Picoult has a new book, to be released in October, the plot of which has something to do with elephants and bore holes and remembering where the bore water is, rather than drink muddy water. There is also a novella out now…if you are interested. I intend to start the novella in a few days.


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