Weekly Photo Challenge-Night-Time


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Night Time


While on our recent safari we had some nocturnal visitors in our camp.

impala_0291Courtesy of automatic cameras, little light

(making it difficult for the operator see what was in focus),

and you can just make out these impala.

One of our tents in the bottom left corner.

hyena_0270Shenzi is a bit easier to distinguish.

hyena_0269-1He did not mind being the star attraction…

hyena_0269and had a good sniff around for any morsel which we may have dropped, before…

hyena_0097slinking off into the darkness and the next camp site.

The tap was only a few feet from our tents

and used for cleaning teeth, water for kettle and so on.

The ablutions block is another twenty metres past Shenzi.


 In every group there is someone who is a bit shy.

elephant_0568As we had camped on what our guide had told us was the

hippopotamus and elephants track,

it was no surprise when this gentle giant politely

made its way around our camp

to avoid disturbing us.

But what a thrill it was to see these animals.




27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Night-Time

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  4. Thank you so much for the ping back! I love your entry, especially the owl giving you the hairy eyeball! 🙂 I can’t believe an elephant walked right pass your tent…we used to go camping with our daughters but never had such an imposing visitor!


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