A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Hole


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



 Some random holes

round_0076This piece of artwork, outside the Geelong Football Club stadium

is full of holes.

statue_1829This hole is a prominent feature of one of our garden art pieces.

warthog_0197Stretching the word to ‘water’hole…

warthog_0203and I can use this series of …

warthog_0208of warthog photographs

bucketheadAnother re-post. Taken long before digital cameras, my ($6 million dog) Brandy, during the time he had an infected eye.  It took him a few days to get used to the fact that he had to poke his head through the hole in the bottom of the bucket.  I don’t think he was amused by being called ‘Buckethead’, though!  I’m sure he preferred my $6 million nickname – from the television show ‘The $6 million Man‘.  Does anyone but me remember it?

okavango-delta_0527A couple of weeks ago this photo taken through the hole in the wall of a Cessna plane over the Okavango Delta.

Believe it or not there are some zebra in this shot.

victoria-falls_0136Similarly this photo was taken through the hole in the wall of a helicopter during a flight over the Victoria Falls.  The water from the Zambezi River spectacularly tumbles into another hole in the earth’s surface prior to making its way into Lake Kariba, which is shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia.







10 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Hole

    • The only scary part was that I did not think my derrière was going to fit into the seat. The door had to be pushed shut which squashed me against two of my travelling companions…neither of whom was MGW! 🙂 Fortunately the door held shut and we had a safe flight. Well worth the extra money if not included in your trip. It was great fun and recommend helicopter flight to all who visit.


    • Thank you. It was a fascinating sight. The only thing which could have improved the day was more water going over the falls…which in turn would have meant that there would have been more mist to wet our cameras, and us.

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