Floral Friday-14-2208


Floral Friday Challenge.


I took this photo in Hall’s Gap a few months ago.

golden-ash_0185It appears to be on the point of turning colour and

I’m sure those would have made a glorious display

a few weeks after this photo.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday


Travel Theme-Orange




Travel Theme.


For many years car makers in Australia have painted their cars,

white, silvers, tan as their brighter colours…

all colours of which I am not fond.

car_0429Last year General Motors Holden released an orange paint for their cars.

Of course it’s not just ‘Orange’,  it is ‘Fantale Orange’

Personally I prefer a brighter coloured car…easier to see.

car_0431Now it’s a well-known fact that red cars go 5% fast than any other colour.

These are in the red range of the colour spectrum, so does that mean they go 2.5% faster?


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Orange



Weekly Photo Challenge-Fray


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



As soon as I brushed the cobwebs out of my eyes this morning

I knew the direction of this post.

frayed_0006Yesterday Ginger’s new bedding arrived and

was inserted into her kennel.

During the clean out, this piece of smelly frayed carpet,

which I have looked for on many occasion, was discovered.



It wasn’t because I was in the dog house, that I searched for it,

we were seeking padding for furniture when kids moved out.


frayed_0011But I can assure you it smelled a lot better being extracted

from Ginger’s kennel than it did being extracted

from the rubbish bin this morning.

frayed_0015The second object for this challenge I am wearing right now.

My favourite green windcheater/sweat shirt.

We moved from the farm nine years ago and

my two green windcheaters

are constant, comfortable reminders of the ‘good old days’.

frayed_0026However, a few months ago I was feeling the cold and

held my constant companion up to the light

and I could see right through it.

(Focus on everything but the tear in the seam.)

About then I decided not to throw it out,

but to  wear another one underneath…for warmth.

Summer is just around the corner 🙂



A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Arch


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



Rather the architecture, I turned to nature for some arches.

heron_0404This egret has some nice arches in its neck…
heron_0405and along its back.

hornbill_0483The Yellow Billed Hornbill also sports some arches.


pelican_0117My favourite arch was taken a few months ago.

Percy pelican managed to put a great arch in his neck for me to photograph.











Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Black-White


My contribution for this week’s

Black and White



Some African birds for my Black and White photos.
hornbill_0483Yellow Billed Hornbills.

franklin_5781South African residents, or ex-pats, might pick this photo.

franklin_5782A closer look, or clue…got it?

franklin_5783A South African Franklin.

franklin_0578The original photo.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Black and White











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Look Up, Look Down-Wk-53



Look Up, Look Down

for Week 53


Recently I found this Sulphur Crest Cockatoo close

enough to capture a reasonably good photo.


 It eyed me off, and decided that I would probably do him no  harm…


and decided to preen its feathers.


It reminded me of many summer nights when hundreds of cockatoos

would be noisily bidding each other ‘goodnight’

in surrounding pine trees.


After several hours of ‘goodnights’, when they were almost quiet

our neighbour would fire a shotgun either into them, or in the air,

and hundreds of cockatoos would be woken

from their almost slumber…not mention yours truly.


This one was kinda cute and it is hard to think that it was one of

hundreds which managed to spoil a quiet evening.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge






Wordless Wednesday-2008


A Free Feed


Recently on a walk around the garden I noticed this flock of birds helping themselves to a feed.



 Unfortunately this was usually the best view of them.

birds_0729But there is usually one to break the rules and give me a half decent shot


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)


Craftyspices.com_Wordless Wednesday