Look Up, Look Down-Wk-53



Look Up, Look Down

for Week 53


Recently I found this Sulphur Crest Cockatoo close

enough to capture a reasonably good photo.


 It eyed me off, and decided that I would probably do him no  harm…


and decided to preen its feathers.


It reminded me of many summer nights when hundreds of cockatoos

would be noisily bidding each other ‘goodnight’

in surrounding pine trees.


After several hours of ‘goodnights’, when they were almost quiet

our neighbour would fire a shotgun either into them, or in the air,

and hundreds of cockatoos would be woken

from their almost slumber…not mention yours truly.


This one was kinda cute and it is hard to think that it was one of

hundreds which managed to spoil a quiet evening.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge






17 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down-Wk-53

  1. My neighbour has an old macadamia tree that overhangs my property. Those rascal cockatoos love getting up in that tree and snipping off the macadamias which land with a bang, then a rattle as they roll down the metal roof. I’m glad I had installed gutter guards.


  2. But they are SO NOISY, Woolly ! I love ’em, as I do all our fauna (don’t consider our arachnids to be ‘fauna’ !); but when they invade the inner suburbs with their raucous screeching, I am less in favour of ’em. In fact, I swear a lot … 😉


    • I’m not an arachnid, or reptile fan, either. Picture a hundred year old tree almost white with cockies…ALL screeching their ‘good nights’ and then your deaf neighbour stirs them as they are nearly quiet. That’s when I began to swear 🙂 Having them dig up crops or paddocks did not help my disposition either! Now they are a novelty to be blogged about. Who would have thought?

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