Rest In Peace-Willie

While on Safari in 2013, we were introduced to


Sausage Tree Safari Camp’s only wildebeest.

Willie had lost his life partner and their offspring to hungry lions a few years ago.

willie_N1127Being a wily Willie, this clever wildebeest devised a cunning plan.

Willie decided to join a herd of impala

in the hope that he would be overlooked by hungry lions.

Willie was spending his days feeling protected by the large number of impala with whom

he now shared Sausage Tree plains.


We thought Willie would live forever.

Or at least die of old age.


Alas!  Leo had other  ideas.

Earlier this week we received the sad news that Willie had met is match.

A hungry Leo decided that Willie was a more satisfying feast than impala…

and Sausage Tree has lost its only wildebeest.

However, Willie did not go down without a fight.

Leo’s belly may have been full, after the kill, but he is now sporting a black eye

thanks to Willie’s valiant attempts to escape.

And so the circle of life goes on.

R.I.P Willie

Photo taken by Liam Burrough,

senior guide at Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

Thanks Liam for allowing me to use your photo



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