Floral Friday-14-0808


Floral Friday Challenge.




While searching for other shots yesterday I discovered these succulents.




The morning was misty, heavy with mist until nearly midday.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday



8 thoughts on “Floral Friday-14-0808

  1. I say, Woolly – that top one is really rather fine – and I’m not a cactus person (yesyes, very funny …). I don’t suppose you know what it is …?


    • I though the same thing M.R. Unfortunately the answer is ‘not a clue’. However, being the adult educator that I am 🙂 and not being the font of all knowledge I will endeavour to remember to knock on a door and see if there is anyone who does know. But pllleeeaaassseee don’t hold your breath, or bet the family fortune on it being done quickly.


      • Phew!!! That is a relief. And please accept my apologies for my typos. Like a Grade 2 kid I can see them in others work but need to look about twenty times before they stand out, in mine. AND then it is usually after publication and often MGW picks them up. Don’t know what I would do without her….perhaps stop writing 🙂


      • I pride myself on my ability to see typos, etc., Woolly: but when my book went through the editing process with Fremantle Press, they found DOZENS !
        The thing is that we make them *because* we don’t see them; and after that, we never see them !! 😀


      • I read, during university years, that one should complete an assignment and put it away for a week or so…then reread it again and typos jump out. And of course every teenager I have made that comment to has listened, well some did, and then immediately forgot what it was that I said. But you are right we get too close to a piece of writing and cannot see the mistakes.


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