Travel Theme-Simplify




Travel Theme.


Last year we decided to holiday away from cities in favour of the simplicity…

ROAD_0201of wide open spaces…
buuffalo_0202where the buffalo roamed…
impala_0399and antelope played…
ostrich_0422and skies were not cloudy all day.
lions_0888Seldom was heard a discouraging word, in late afternoon traffic jams


The only thing to remind us of home was zebra crossings…everywhere.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Simplify






11 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Simplify

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    • It is an ostrich…one of the few we sighted. The best sighting overasll, though not the closeest was a family with about eight chicks sheltering in the shade of a tree on a 44 degree day.


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