Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wood-Spring


My contribution for this week’s




This challenge proved to be an ideal time to…

tree_0043capture a few photos of our deciduous trees bare of leaves.

tree_0045Their woody frames stood stark gains the late afternoon winter sky.


This one appears to bursting out of its ‘skin’…

tree_0053while this tree has.  It will be a miracle if it survives.

This is only a small part of its trunk and the bark is falling away all along.


However, spring is in the air…just not venturing out for a while.

Buds on one of our fruit trees attest to the fact that spring is around the corner.  It may be a long cold corner!


Cold or not that is not stopping my bulbs from pushing through the mulch for a much-needed glimpse of winter sun.


This daffodil appears to be an early bird, but still has not decided to bloom…just yet.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Wood-Spring