Look Up, Look Down-Wk-48



Look Up, Look Down

for Week 48


What is it?

~~~~~gull_0226I thought I was photographing a local seagull this morning, until…
gull_0228I downloaded them to my computer this evening and noticed

the yellow hood it is wearing.

gull_0227The crane and buildings are at least one kilometre away

and my 200 mm zoom lens was stretched to full zoom.
gull_0229The cap, or hood, the bird is wearing alerted me to the fact the I had

photographed something I had not previously sighted.

gull_0230Could it be a rare new species?  Could I get naming rights?

I can just see it…Woolly’s Golden Gull  😉

If it’s pest at your back door please tell what it’s called.

Google has not been helpful…this time.




Look Up, Look Down, challenge