Wordless Wednesday-Sunset


Some sunset, or may be sunrise, photos.


I added some photos to a camera club exhibition a few weeks ago..
sunset_0340a lioness, her cubs and several other African wildlife photos.
sunset_0348They were different to most of the other photos on display.

These are straight from the camera with only a little tweaking in sharpness.



Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)


Craftyspices.com_Wordless Wednesday


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-Sunset

  1. Absence of post-production always a good thing in my book, Woolly. But then, I’m a luddite when it comes to cameras. 🙂
    Lovely shots mate.


    • Thank you. I am not one big on post production, although many use phrases like ‘draw out the colour’ where there is no colour. I love my camera and will fiddle with it but after that it is either good or not so good. And in among those categories there is occasionally, in my opinion, a WOW photo!!! 🙂 Some careful, but quick, cropping can turn a photo that many others have also taken into a WOW photo also….my opinion.


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