Travel Theme-Decoration




Travel Theme.



A timely reminder of Christmas.



Buildings of yesteryear, decorated with swirls and curves.

Much nicer than the square/rectangular, glass and steel monoliths of today.



Modern vehicles have subtle decorations where ever engineers can place them.



The vehicles on this used car lot were in tiptop condition to attract buyers.


decoration_0180Decorating a fence in the Geelong Botanic Gardens.


Was this a decoration for Chinese New Year?  Was it made by school children?

 Whatever the answers to these questions one thing is certain…

it is extremely colourful.



Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Decoration



8 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Decoration

  1. The Geelong Botanic Gardens dragon fence was done by children as part of the Garden of the Gardens school holiday program. So glad people seemed to like our efforts 🙂


    • As I said in that post I am not a Geelong native but I am doing my best to promote Geelong via my blog. As for the Gardens I just love wandering around and I’m sure you will find other Geelong Gardens photos throughout my blog.


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