Weekly Photo Challenge-Relics


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A drive into Geelong this week and this is one of the first things we spied…

vehicle_0178a double-decker bus.

Parked outside a church as the bride and groom were leaving.

A different bridal car, perhaps…and a relic from my days in London.

barometer_0488I have posted this on a previous occasion, my Father’s barometer.  He lived by this piece of technology and it still works as well as ever.  Just a bit worse for wear.

building_0196The opulence of Geelong’s waterfront hides the relic on the hill.  In my youth the Geelong cement works was a major industry in Geelong and no doubt provided a great deal of employment in the area.

Now it stands abandoned with several projects to bring it to life either on hold or also abandoned.

More information read “Abandoned” and “Foggy_Monday”