Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Circles-Curves


My contribution for this week’s

Circles and Curves



It has been a cold wet week, so I’m relying on re-posts.

Decorations_0460gChristmas decorations provide my circle.

Decorations_0456cThe ‘ribs’ of another Christmas bauble for a curve…or circle.


I took this photo about twelve months ago and still have not worked out what value the curved metal has in the construction of this building.


 Our garden art is full of curves…

statue_1829The round hole in this one also provides interesting curves from this angle.

statue_0289In light of the recent death of Satao, in Kenya, at the hands of poachers I thought the curves in this statue at Letaba Rest Camp also fitting.  Forty-five year old Satao had tusks which were over 2 metres long.

Letaba Camp also features Elephant Hall museum which is a memorial to some of Kruger Park’s largest elephants.  During the latter part of last century large ‘tuskers’ were publicised as succesful examples of Kruger Park’s conservation efforts.  The largest seven were: Dzombo, Kambaku, Mafunyane, Ndlulamithi, Shawu and Shingwedzi, and dubbed “The Magnificent Seven”.  As these tuskers died out South African National Parks decided to retrieve their tusks and display them in The Elephant Hall at Letaba Rest Camp.

Only after standing alongside some of these tusks can one fully appreciate the size of the animals which carried them during their lifetime.

Whether animals are shot with a high-powered rifle or die a slow death, as Satao did, from a poison arrow matters little.  Animals are, in my opinion the draw card for tourist to Africa and poachers are doing their best to kill each and every one of these magnificent creatures…elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes, leopards, lions, all in the name of a trophy, ivory or rhinoceros horn.  I shall desist.  I have had my rant.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Circles-Curves