Travel Theme-Twist




Travel Theme.


flag_0166Strong winds twisted these flags.



Dear old ‘Percy’ takes the cake for the twist though.



 Just wish I had as much flexibility in my body as he does…



and just when I thought he had done it all,

Percy produced a twist with an extra degree of difficulty.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Twist



15 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Twist

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  5. These are great photos of Percy. I find birds can be challenging to photograph, because they move a lot. I always love a good reflection photo, but the close-up is my favorite. The twist of his neck, the angle of his beak, and his eye up in the corner make this photo’s composition grab my attention. I also like how you can see the subtle colors of his beak and the differences in his feathers – some places are just downy fluff. I like the color of his beak among the black and white feathers. That is a really beautiful photo. Consider framing it 🙂


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