Travel Theme-World-Cups



World Cups

Travel Theme

for this week.


I see that this challenge was inspired by THE World Cup.


Not being a fan in any way shape or form, this was nearly a ‘pass’.



My first cup comes from Queensland…and it seems to be full of baked beans.



 I always thought a cup an unusual way to serve breakfast.



This should be cup’s primary use.



However, the nearest thing we have that could be called ‘world cups’,

or maybe cups of the world, are these.


cups_0014Last year we found ourselves wandering around the Johannesburg’s, O.R. Tambo Airport feeling a little lost as we did not have any ‘souvenirs’ to carry home.  We had planned to create an artwork from a photo, or photos.  But, it wasn’t quite the same as having something tangible to take with us.  Space, in our luggage, and weight was not helping the situation.

~~~~~ cups_0016With a pocket full of south African currency in our pockets ‘we’ decided that these cups and matching vases would do the trick.  I think it was the zebra style pattern and overall colours which influenced us most.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: World Cups






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