Weekly Photo Challenge-Contrasts


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



We have had a week or more of rough weather and today was no exception.

clouds_0002As I peered out at the western sky, my mind raced back about forty years to a neighbour who, upon seeing this sight, would have exclaimed…
clouds_0003‘Struth!  It’s black as a dogs guts out there!’

clouds_0004Meanwhile, a few paces across the room and the eastern sky was a total contrast.

I was almost ready to break out the picnic basket…almost!

clouds_0005Sunshine, high clouds combined to create contrasting silhouettes of the trees.

The west was victorious though.

A cold wet night has followed.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Contrasts

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    • Nor me. The photo did not do justice to the scene. I think the sunshine shut down the aperture and made the scene darker than it really was. No, definitely not picnic weather. 11 mm of rain for the twenty four hours , most falling last night.


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    • Ominous is right! We had 44 points (11 mm) of rain….mostly after dark. And I have tickets to a football game which commences at &.10 PM this evening…and is being televised. There could be a vacant seat at the game tonight.


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