Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-18


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Odd Ball



Saving Money



In mid-May the suggestion of a shopping trip, for the Queen’s Birthday Sunday (in June), was put forward.  I mumbled a vague form of consent and immediately forgot why the trip was suggested; apart from the fact that it was the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in Victoria.  Yes, I do mean the Queen of England and all other far flung colonies of several hundred years ago.  Although her birthday is in April, we have a long (Monday Holiday) weekend in June.


As the weekend approached I was beginning to have a type of panic attack.  The type when you know you should know something, but for the love of Mike cannot remember what you are supposed to know.

Carefully selecting my time, I ventured; ‘Why are we going shopping on Sunday, dear?’

“I don’t know.  It was your idea!” was the reply.

It appeared like I was forgetting more than the reason.  Dementia seemed only an inches away.

I drew in a deep breath and counted to ten….ten times, before quietly reminding MGW that it was, in fact, her suggestion that we drive into Geelong for breakfast and shopping.  About five minutes later and from the other end of the house came “We are going to spend your gift vouchers.”  (Did you note the use of ‘we’ and ‘your’?)

At that moment the veils of ignorance were removed.  I remembered receiving a Christmas and birthday voucher to a store whose doorway my shadow seldom crosses because my pockets are not deep enough.  It did have some ‘El Cheapo’ offshoots where Mr and Mrs Average could actually afford to buy clothes for their families.  In Australia they are known as K-Mart and Target!  K-Mart was our destination, to make some inexpensive purchases.

Being ever the sceptic I did not think my shopping trip would be successful and, as usual, I was correct.  However, MGW had some new on-line purchases to return and was, therefore, given a voucher which had to be spent in the store. That day!  MGW took one for the team and took up the challenge…an unenviable task of needing to spend money.  Not knowing what to purchase she spied a kettle and toaster.  Price tag…$129.95.  EACH!!!  Our own kettle and toaster were in no way defunct.  In fact they were/are relatively new.  In fact, they were only purchased a few years ago out of necessity at a modest $20 or $30 each.  I reckon they each had another ten or fifteen years of faithful service in them.

So why buy new ones?

Well…when the kettle boils the base gives a cute whistle…not the kettle.  It took a while to become accustomed to this and was quite unnerving for the first week or so.  Kettle clicks off.  Job done.  Water boiled.  Grasp kettle, take to coffee cups or teapot…about two feet away…and then there is a whistle (more like a mini siren) behind me.  My hands shake at the best of times so imagine how I felt when I first experienced this.  A $2 billy over an open fire will boil water just as well.

And the toaster!  Well, now we have ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ settings on the toaster.  This was a must because I prefer toast almost well done, while someone else prefers something akin to hot-bread!  Therefore, no-more discussions about toast.  Or so we thought.

What happened to the days when we twisted some (oft stolen) wire together to make a toasting fork?  That way you could stand back from an open fire, or stove, and cook your toast perfectly.


There are, comparatively, so many dials, buttons and levers on our new toaster that it would not look out of place if incorporated into the space shuttle dashboard.  And if it were, in fact, part of the space shuttle the afterburners would be turned on flat out, as is the ‘His’ side on our toaster in the hope that one day it may produce toast and not simply hot bread.

I will long remember our Queen’s Birthday shopping spree, 2014, as the day I did not purchase anything; and as the day that the demise of real toast at breakfast time.  R.I.P. Toast!


In all fairness, though, I must add that we did SAVE money.  How?  Because that weekend our new toaster and kettle were priced at a mere $69.95 EACH!!!  Saving this kind of money on a shopping trip will make us rich in no time at all!


My apologies to all if I have over done the Odd-Ball challenge this week.  

I think a photo was Cee’s aim…but I just had to tell the story. 🙂

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-18





21 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-18

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  2. It’s good to hear/see the total story. I had guessed correctly about the toaster, but was most intrigued to find out how that had saved money. I’m glad “we” got to spend “your” vouchers. And, those additions to the kitchen are mighty pretty. 🙂


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