Weekly Photo Challenge-Between


My contribution for this week’s challenge…




Today, between midday and 1 PM we had a heavy downpour of rain,

rain_0061causing gutters to overflow, but…
maggie_0063nothing would come between Maggie and Soxie in this weather.  Or perhaps that should be nothing will come between Maggie and her bed in cold, wet weather; not even Soxie who has just managed to squeeze in.

corio-bay_0012Fast forward to 5.45 this evening and between the trees I noticed this beautiful sight at the end of Cunningham Peer.

corio-bay_0014I was quite pleased with the results considering they were handheld shots.

corio-bay_0025Around to my left North Shore was lit up and reflecting all its glory out on to Corio Bay.  The night was so still that reflections were clearly visible right out into Corio Bay and between the boats at anchor.



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Between

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    • Thanks Raewyn. Rain is difficult to photograph I think. The results…overflowing gutters are much easier. And the Bay was spectacular last night. I have not seen it look so pretty.


    • Rain has been forecast but not like this. We seem to get a quick downpour and all! This morning, Sunday, the sun is shining. However, we are supposed to have a wet cold week.


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