Travel Theme-Shine




Travel Theme

for this week.


A variety of photos to demonstrate this week’s challenge…’shine’


Our elephant shines/reflects the sun’s rays which are shine in through the window.


river-mbool_0240A combination of sunshine, little or no wind, and we have the scene, on the far bank, in duplicate,

being reflected and shining back at us in the still water.

Corio Bay_1488Sunshine on Corio Bay…enough said…except that I do love this shot.


boys_01Of course a shine theme would not be complete without the …


sunshine(s) of my life. 🙂

Taken long before digital cameras but thanks to technology…


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Shine




16 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Shine

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  5. I love glass, so the elephant is a hit with me (I have one that is china with gold trim). Reflections are some of my favorite photos; but that sun is breathtaking. It is radiant and reflecting and lighting up the picture with color. It is a beautiful photo.

    Love the shots of the children. They grow up fast! I keep saying I am going to scan my old photos and get them printed into book form, but the task seems overwhelming. I already can’t keep up with my life 🙂


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