Weekly Photo Challenge-Extra-Extra


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Extra, Extra.


This morning as I prepared breakfast, I noticed we had some extras in the backyard.
magpie_0001A bit too far away to see what they were actually looking at…
magpie_0002but close enough to get a chuckle out of their antics.
magpie_0027Heads would bend, eat and watch with serious expressions, only to be followed by…
magpie_0029a chorus to rival The Three Tenors.

This ritual continued every thirty seconds or so for four or five minutes.

magpie_0050A rebel then came over nearer the house, where we could see an old bone which Maggie had gnawed.

magpie_0051A quick bite of what could only be marrow, attracted…

magpie_0061an extra pair of eyes.

magpie_0062This time there was to be no sharing.

magpie_0063The extra magpie approached and…
magpie_0072soon had its mate on the run.

magpie_0079However, by this stage it was close enough to see me snapping away through the window…

magpie_079and it gave me an extra hard stare until Ginger galloped around the corner ending the morning’s entertainment.



10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Extra-Extra

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  2. Totally BRILLIANT, Woolly ! Our maggies are my favourite birds in the world; and to think that you had them carolling away their outside your house ! – lucky you ! Gorgeous pic.s !


    • They were back again this morning also. Must try and cultivate this. Dad used to put milk and bread up on a small alcove jutting out from the house and half a dozen magpies would be sitting waiting, in trees up to one hundred metres away, for their breakfast. Not sure who loved it more….the birds or Dad. 🙂


    • Magpies are very common in nearly all parts of Australia. They are at their most memorable around September/October when they have young in their nest. You can be walking along, oblivious to your surroundings, only to be snapped out of your reverie by wings clicking together just above your head. At that time of year the magpies sit in the trees and watch for prowlers and then silently swoop in behind frightening the living daylights out of some people.


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