A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Happy


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…




This looks like a happy family.

lion-cubs_0532However, quite often the elephant dung looks greener down the hill.


So, off to find out!


Yep!  It does smell better.

lion-cubs_0550Good enough…
lion-cubs_0555to roll in…
lion-cubs_0558making sure there is plenty on the back.


Then all the way over…

lion-cubs_0582and rub a bit of the smell on my nose…
lion-cubs_0584to make the smell last longer for hunting.
lion-cubs_0585  How happy could a lion cub be?  I wonder…
lion-cubs_0586do you want to have a turn?








10 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Happy

    • I think she was happy to be rid of the family for a while as she had a full belly. But you’re correct…she was well within striking distance, but also used to vehicles stopping by.


    • I see Werribee Zoo has all the African animals you could asked for…but that half hour with those cubs was magic. I forgot to mention that there was a vehicle loaded with very happy tourists, and guides, after that sighting. We were not expecting the drive, so it was a bonus all round.


    • It was a magic and totally unexpected part of our trip. They came even closer after that little roll and looked at us as we held our breathe for fear of frightening them away.


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