Weekly Photo Challenge-Room


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



For this challenge I have decided to bring you some ‘roomy’ shots from South Africa, specifically Sausage Tree Safari Camp, where we spent the last six nights of  our trip.
sausage_DSCN1008Sausage tree has five of these tents for accomodation…
sausage_DSCN1005complete with a queen size bed and sitting room outside.

Elephant_0004bIt was from the tent door that I took this early morning photo.

Still, seeing a kangaroo this close to holiday accommodation would not be unusual in Australia.

sausage_DSCN1007Back to Sausage Tree, our tent came complete with indoor bathroom.

We could not have asked for anything better…sausage_DSCN1070except maybe an indoor shower.

The outdoor shower was a novelty although a bit chilly in the evenings.
sausage_DSCN1071The fence at the left of the photo provides privacy to the shower room, however, animals can walk right up and have a look!

 sausage_0009The beautiful Drakensberg Mountains provide a backdrop to the Camp.

sausage_0007Whether in  the pool, or…
sausage_0002by the pool,
sausage_0013or lazing in the sun downstairs, the Drakensberg Mountains filled the background.
sausage_0004I’ve shown you all the other rooms in the camp, now for our breakfast and…
sausage_0005lunch room.
sausage_0015Although not clearly visible mountains were also wallpaper for this room.  There are two other rooms of which I do not have a good photo and these are the bar room, which was behind me in most of the shots on the deck.  The other is the dining room. The African Braii.  Most nights we were dining by lamplight and although I walked past the braii several times each day I did not take any photographs.  While a braii was described as a barbeque we were treated to a three-course meal every night.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room




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    • I am sure you will enjoy it…particularity if it is a Kruger park Safari. Sausage Tree Camp is one of many private reserves joining Kruger. We are bound for Botswana in September with Imagine Africa 4 x 4 Safaris, again. Like you…can’t wait.


      • Wow! You really get to see a lot. Our trip will be my first and last to South Africa, so I hope I’m awake as much as possible. Best wishes for preparing this summer. Sometimes getting ready for a trip is part of the excitement.


      • Ours was not exactly planned…but when to opportunity arose we decided to take it. I think it will be a few years before another. Yes, you are correct. Planning is as exciting.


  5. That looks and sound like a great vacation. Can you compare a kangaroo to an elephant? That must have been an amazing morning treat. Glad you had your camera ready.


  6. I would definitely like to spend some time in those rooms! What an adventure. Thank you for sharing my link to the Turkish Bath Co-Ed room . Much appreciated. 🙂


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