Travel Theme-Unexpected




Travel Theme

for this week.


In previous posts I have referred to Ginger (my black and tan kelpie) as the digger in the garden.  We also refer to her as ‘the princess’ as she tends to prance around the yard and delicately eats her food.  Maggie, on the other hand is four times as heavy and gulps her food down with no finesse at all.



It was, therefore, totally unexpected to open the curtains and see…

dirt_0007the mess in soil which was only laid soil twenty four hours earlier.  Also unexpected was that I caught the culprit red-handed.  Although not captured in a photograph I think the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

You be the judge!

ginger_0022Ginger looking clean and innocent, AND about twenty-five feet from the crime scene.

I am sure she is saying ‘Not me!’


Maggie_0020Which only leaves one other possible culprit.




Sprung!  Caught in the act!


Maggie_0004Have you…


Maggie_0018Considered your verdict?


Who’s sorry now?


maggie_1847This photo prepared earlier for comparison purposes! 🙂


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22 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Unexpected

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      • Haha it took me a minute to figure out MGW. Glad she is such a good sport 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post. Happy to chat with you here or on my blog. Definitely stirred up some conversation 🙂


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