Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


Maggie… Guilty as charged



After being found guilty by the world court overnight, Maggie was further insulted by

being fed on the chain as we had planned an early morning breakfast in Geelong.

That expression is common when she is thrown out of routine.

Note how Ginger is disassociating herself from the villain.

Read about her crime in my Unexpected Travel Theme Post



Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


6 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

  1. There’s a reason I could never have a dog: having to chain it up when leaving the house … Still, I imagine you’re greeted upon return with ecstatic joy. 🙂


    • Yes, there are people who cannot see a dog chained like this…and that’s fair enough. However, when the dogs are farm dogs, even pet farm dogs a chain was the only option. There was only one family I have known which had buiLt a ‘run’ for their dogs. We used to have half a dozen dogs when on the farm. The ageing ones, those in their prime, and the learners. Just had to; in case your neighbour killed (ran over, usually) one of one’s good dogs. And yes you are correct…they are all over you like a bad smell when we arrive home. Letting them off, even if it is for only half an hour before dark, is one of the first things we do upon arriving home. Anyway at their age they run around the backyard once or twice and then settle in their beds at the back door. What a life. 🙂 Much better than if they were on the farm.

      Nothing worse than having a dog running around through pregnant, or lambing, ewes. It was a great way to antagonise one’s neighbour. I could not have an animal in the house


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