Weekly Photo Challenge-Twist


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Last Friday I ventured down to Port Arlington…


and spotted this group of swans just off shore.


Their long gracefully bent necks can easily twist into all manner of poses to assist with daily ablutions.


Crows, while very intelligent, are a sheep farmers worst enemy during winter lambing, in particular. With ready food being scarce a new-born lamb makes an ideal target.  And crow’s target is the lamb’s eye.  With a distinctly twisted sense of right, it is no wonder these birds are not loved by the farming community.


The gnarled and twisted branches of this specimen have seen better days and will make good fire wood in the near future.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist



21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Twist

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    • Not an old wives tail. It was hearing breaking to see a ewe trying to mother a lamb which had one eye totally damaged. Worst part is that a one eyed sheep will not survive and needs to be put out of its misery. That equates to dollars lost, wool production, breeding, meat whatever. My apologies if this has turned your stomach…the admin lady at work just tells me to ‘shut up’.


  2. These pictures are absolutely something else! I never before saw black swans only heard of them. Even more beautiful than Natalie Portman ;). Incredible shot.


    • Thank you. Must confess I had to Google the reference to Portman…and I do like her and her behaviour. As for swans, it is white swans which a the novelty down here. In fact the only white swans I can think of were sighted in England or concrete garden ornaments about forty years ago.


      • No I think you have misinterpreted my message. White swans in England …black swans ‘down under’. The black Swan is on the Western Australian coat of arms. However, some research indicates that there could be 300+ Black swans in the wild in England (2011). Similar research indicates that black swans ‘home’ is New Zealand and Australia.


      • Oh I see, thank you. I just checked that out myself. Apparently there is something also called a black swan theory, which is a metaphor used to describe hard to predict events that come as a surprise, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology. Thanks again for the very cool pictures.


      • Sorry, I did misread your statement. You were very clear here. And yes I do like Natalie Portman a great deal too. She is gorgeous and I love her smile. LOL. Have a great week.


  3. I like your crow photo…I don’t particularly like crows. I came across some ‘crow’ paintings, and thought they were outstanding, so now, I like crow pictures. Thanks for liking my pet photo! I get lots of joy from them. 🙂


    • You’re not wrong there Janet. I worked for people who always said we could have a goose if we could catch it! They started to get territorial as soon as we drove up the drive.


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