A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Carry


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



maggie_0006This is not an unusual sight around our back door.


 The ‘Tea Leaf” carrying her ill-gotten gains.

ginger_0001What was unusual was spotting this twerp in Maggie’s bed pinching the loot.


Although this picture is a bit soft it shows the difficulty Ginger was having carrying the bone.

ginger_0003Attempt number two…


was successful.

ginger_0005Gingerly, pardon the pun, it was lifted from the ground.


Yes, I can carry this, she says to herself…

and with a spring in her step…

she is off out of sight to spend an hour or so gnawing the bone.


Ginger is a constant source of amusement…not much else goes on around here 🙂  I have seen her carry a bone around the house three times trying to find a place to bury it.  The place is usually at the based of a prized plant.  AHHHHHHH!  She will then stand guard, showing Maggie exactly where it  is and at the same time warding her off, until….Ginger is distracted, where upon Maggie swoops in and steals back her bone.





Michelle’s Pet Challenge: Week-37



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