Look Up, Look Down-Wk-40



Look Up, Look Down

for Week 40


For those of us with enough ‘life experience’ to remember…


may just remember some shots like these which made squillions for…

Richard Bach and Neil Diamond.  It was just ‘a couple of years ago.’

In February 1980 I was in Christchurch, New Zealand, ending a three-week camping holiday.
seagull_0033 Even back then airlines suffered from delays.

Six or seven hours, in this instance, I believe.

One of my fellow campers mentioned that the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra was performing Jonathan Livingston Seagull that night.  Was I interested?


So off we jogged, yes jogged, to the Christchurch Town Hall.  Now a Town Hall sounds like a reasonably small venue, doesn’t it?  However, the Christchurch Town Hall can, or could, seat 75 more patrons than the Sydney Opera House.  Or were those Kiwis pulling my leg again?  And after the show we ran back to our hotel in time to catch a bus out to the airport for our 0100 flight out of Christchurch.seagull_0036

Our early morning flight allowed me to catch an early morning train back to Warrnambool, about three hours from Melbourne.  I remember it being rather surreal as when talking to locals our experience of the previous night was still fresh in my mind.  I am sure no-one believed me when I said “Last night I saw a performance  of Jonathan Livingston Seagull in Christchurch.”


These shots were taken at Point Richards at Port Arlington on the Bellarine Peninsula, yesterday, Friday, May 23.

DSC_0079 My Johnathan is setting off over Port Philip Bay or the entrance to Corio Bay…also part of Port Phillip Bay.

DSC_0082 The mountain in the background is the You Yangs which are situated between Melbourne and Geelong.

One last thing,  these photos are best viewed at this size.  A couple are definitely not fit for enlarging.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge



17 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down-Wk-40

    • A very small world the…isn’t it? You must have done a good job narrating as I remember the performance like it was yesterday. Just wish I could jog and run as much now as I did then. 🙂


  1. great story – and you told it in a way where we could feel it – and funny to hear about the airline delays in 1980 – for some reason I usually refer to those years as the golden amazing years of air travel – and while they had their perks I see it has never been fully rosy!
    great entry! 🙂


    • Thanks Yvette. The knees could run to the toilet these days thanks to sporting injuries. I think it was air traffic controllers on strike (think) then. But we made the most of our extra few hours. Have never seen or heard from any of that group since.


  2. I LOVED Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. Wow – I’ve never heard of another person who liked the music. Neil Diamond was widely criticized for this album but I still love its ethereal feel.
    I read the book, saw the movie, loved it all.


    • This has me thinking of finding both the music and book! Just remember enjoying the performance in Christchurch. The orchestra was surrounded by a light curtain which served as a screen for a flying seagull. I can remember that but I cannot remember the exact date of MGW’s birthday, when asked.


  3. Jonathan livingston seagull was one of the firsts books I read when I was about 5 or 6 (started reading when I was 3) and it’s still one of my favorites 🙂


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