Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Dirt-Rocks-Sand-Trails


My contribution for this week’s

Dirt, Rocks, Sand, Trails



The photos for this week are again all from South Africa and some are

‘mobile’ photos (shot from a moving vehicle) and may not be my best.


Let’s get the sand out of the way….

 Sand tops my ‘least liked’ list, but it does help create… Sand_0757

a nice photo every now and again.


The scary part of this cairn was the distance it was above, or from water.

Many of the Rest Camps also used a stone formation similar to this to announce their existence.

Rocks like these made me feel almost at home.


Mostly the stone around my home town is volcanic lava flows.
rocks_0742Just love this formation.

I would love to be able to go back in time and then fast forward and watch this form.



Many of our tracks/roads twisted….

and turned.
track_0511If we stopped we would often find animal tracks similar to these hippo tracks.

track_0357Then over a rise in the road…

track_0099surprises like this.

track_0099AWhat fascinate me about African animals was that a vehicle posed no threat to them.  This is a crop of the above shot, but many time we were able to drive to within slingshot distance from animals.  Poachers must have a field day!  It would not even be half a challenge to shot a wild animal with modern weapons at everyone’s disposal.  Apologies for my rant…I love the animals.

track_0425A reality check…I have NEVER seen a snake track that size before.

If I my tracking skills (oR memory)  are not as good as I think they are please let me know and I will amend.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Dirt-Rocks-Sand-Tracks




10 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Dirt-Rocks-Sand-Trails

  1. I really liked the assortment of dirt-rocks-sand-trails. I literally shuddered at the commentary about the snake. I doubt I would have recognized the trail otherwise! .. but the rock formations are my favourites!!


    • The guide who showed us the snake track kept a pet adder, or some other venomous sounding snake, as a pet. It was not a python. I did not stop to see it as even the small dog which ‘owned’ the camp had to be locked away. The same guide also had a spider which covered his hand – photos and reports only – and shed hair. This hair lodged in the handlers skin and was itching all the following day. He said he did not have a girl friend……..strange!? Don’t you think?


    • I have no idea of what the PacNorthwest is like. Closest I have been is Vancouver for a few days. Also camped in the Rockies, both in 1976. If the PacNorthwest is an extension of Rockies etc, then SA landscapes are quite different come to think of it.


  2. Wow, Africa is a continent that I never been to …. I’m lying – I have been to Algeria.
    It looks very hot and dry …. I wonder if this formation is man made ???? Great entry again.


    • To be honest it was not high on my list…but I am a real convert. We had planned a trip to Hawaii this year, however, the flight we booked is heading in the other direction and we are counting the months till our return.


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