Weekly Photo Challenge-Work-of-Art


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Work of Art.


I have been trying to find a challenge for this photo for a while now…and I think this is it.


The masts and rigging catch my eye every time I look at this picture.

Nearly cropped out the rest…but thought otherwise.


In nature works of art can be found everywhere.


This lady was happy enough to let some of us give her a pat.


She did not bite the hand that patted her, this time.


However, she did take a fancy to one of our travelling companions and took a firm grip of his hand.


cubs_0718This is my kind of art…or the closest I will ever come to creating a piece of art.  At the moment we are in the process of having a South African artist turn this photo into a work of art to hang in our home.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art



21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Work-of-Art

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    • It has been started. The artist draws most of his work in pencil and they look beautiful. We had around twenty minutes with those cubs sitting there playing for us. A marvellous experience.


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