Weekly Photo Challenge-On-the-Move


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

On the Move.


A few months ago our eldest decided to move into the property market.

We thought it a great idea as cheap furniture was wanted and we were only too happy to oblige.


With our old fridge and lounge suite, which had been jumped all over, by some anonymous teenagers, loaded on to my utility and almost secured, I suggested running some tape around the cardboard box to stop it flapping during the journey.

DSC_0561“About half way up would be about right” was my suggestion.

Bear in mind this young man prides himself with his abilities in mathematics.



So half way up he starts.

However things are not looking good by time 25% of the job has been completed.

Perhaps I should have given him a spirit level or ruler, as well!


And by the time he hit the 75% mark…..

I was definitely wondering what part of half way he did not understand.

We love him dearly….AND he was on the move…

from rented digs to home ownership.

Number Two was also on the move as he moved in with Number One.

One has practical skills…the other academic.

A kind of Yin and Yang.

Can you guess which has which skill?


Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move




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