Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Food


This week’s Black and White




Some random food photos this week.


The way these hippos were eating they would not and share their breakfast with anyone.


And I guess I would did not want to share the Father’s Day breakfast I was shouted last year.

maggie_0006This was as close to a pose from Maggie today and she held her stolen food firmly between what will soon be only gums, so short are her teeth.

food_0002Now that we are empty-nesters, this week, my part of the weekly shopping

has dwindled to milk, lettuce and pet food.




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7 thoughts on “Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Food

  1. There is something so wrong about ‘black’ food.
    I read once about people who had suffered head injuries that caused them to lose the ability to see colour. They lost their desire to eat and it became a real problem because ‘black’ and ‘gray’ food was totally unappealing and they couldn’t get past it.
    … but I loved the hippos. Whenever I see a hippo it reminds me of Disney’s Fantasia with the dancing hippo ballerinas in tutus 🙂


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