M-R and Windows 8

Just had to reblog this one. I have been using Windows 8 for nearly five months and it is the greatest heap of rubbish I have ever had the displeasure to use. I agree with all the comments made in this video review…especially those asking how the older generation, or in my case students who have never used a computer before, will handle it. Personally I would sack all the engineers at Microsoft. Finally, and I NEVER thought I would say this, I am becoming ‘Apple-ised’. All because Microsoft will not stick at doing what they are good at. I think Microsoft is trying to emulate Apple and doing a horrid job of it. This video is worth watching.

4 thoughts on “M-R and Windows 8

  1. You know what, Woolly ? – I HATE to hate to admit this, but I am beginning to think the same way/ As Microsoft shows not the faintest sign of doing anything at all about this vile and user-unfriendly O/S, I believe I’m going to switch when next I need to …


    • I have iPads and iPod which cater for all my needs. The only thing is that I am an Office person. Now Office for ipad is being released don’t have a real reason not to change.


      • I agree, we are paying too much for Apple products. But with every Tom, Dick and Harry company assembling a Windows based computer and, I am sure, building in obsolescence, I think the extra money is worth it. I just cringe at learning how to use a new OS. Also a school principal told me, a few years ago, that the then new Lepoard Mac would still open Commodore 64 files. MS has dropped support for Windows XP and earlier versions of Internet Explorer.


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