Weekly Photo Challenge-On-Top


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

On Top.



A magpie on top of the world….well at least on top of the power lines.



The pier makes a good ‘top’ from which to try one’s luck.



As always…just love the seagulls

CannonHill_1369I was going to delete this photo and then realised the cannon is on top of Cannon Hill.


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-On-Top

  1. nice variety Mr. Woolly!! And I really like the cannon one left in because the photographers are also “on top” to get their photo shots!!! and the tree line in the back of that one adds much interest – there is a leo a fun energy to the shot – like a friendship feeling as the two photographers talk with lenses. 🙂

    then the seagull photo is my other fav – looks like the one posed for you – or almost could be a statue. but the series of pics fit nicely for the ON TOP theme….


      • He did…and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and how proud he would be of his grandsons and how much he would have enjoyed following them through secondary school, university and their chosen careers. We were told last night that number two son was offered a job as trainee manager at a store he was temporarily employed at. He will be twenty two in June. Dad would announce it to the world…I guess just as I can now.


    • The photographers you mentioned are sisters and although I only met the woman on the right in January last year she and her sister were great friends. I met the photographer on the left in 1975 in Australia and then again in her province, Saskatchewan a year later. It was a wonderful and all to brief reunion in near forty degree temperatures, last year. We are not as young as we used to be. 🙂


  2. Your first frame here is a picture of my favourite bird in the whole world. Yes, I know that Sydney also has rainbow lorikeets and honeyeaters and all manner of lovelies; but the fact is that the NSW magpie is the one I love best. Its song is to die for, and its family life enviable. It’s followed closely by the kooka, but that’s for personality. 🙂


    • Well this is a Victorian magpie, so I’m sure it is better still 🙂 My father used to feed about six or seven magpies some bread an milk each night, in his last few years, on top of a small alcove which jutted out from the kitchen wall. They would sit in the tree a hundred yards away and swoop in for their meal. Ah…for times gone bye….. I don’t disagree …they are lovely birds. Now it’s time for work….late night so may not reply to anyone until tomorrow.


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