Look Up, Look Down-Wk-34



Look Up, Look Down

for week 34.





On Thursday we had planned a drive to Hall’s Gap.

kookaburra_0328Hall’s Gap is the main town in the Grampians National Park and …

Victoriais located in the southern end of the Great Dividing Range which runs down the east coast of Australia.

kookaburra_0335Our main reason for undertaking this 6 hour round trip was to visit the gallery of an artist who had organised the South African Safari last year.

kookaburra_0336We have kept in touch with Steve Morvell via FaceBook.  Although we read his comments regarding the wildlife surrounding his gallery.  We did not expect to see anything like this.

These wild kookaburras did not take long to realise that while MGW was not their usual food provider she was not there to threaten them.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge