Weekly Photo Challenge-Threshold


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A couple of repost shots and a fun photo this week.

Mildred_0477Mildred at the threshold waiting for her master.



Millicent joins her.

maggie_2005 041As the date indicates, this was about nine years ago, before we moved and our Maggie was just a ‘lass’.  We had despatched our first lounge suite (the one the kids could wreck) out of the house and Maggie decided that she liked it.  This is not a ‘one-off’ photo.  I cannot say whether she ever crossed the threshold and fell off the chair, however, this was not an unusual position to see her enjoying a nap.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold



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26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Threshold

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    • I did not love Maggie’s predecessor when she chewed through the telephone line. Then the telephone guy cut one of our plastic water pipes, wrapped it up and did not tell us. We found it months later. He had stopped it so there was only a trickle coming out. NOW I can laugh about it 🙂


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  5. I have a special place for dogs in my heart. Our current dog reminds me of Mildred. Ours will sit for hours by the front door waiting for my partner to come home. Placing himself in a position so that he can see everything while never moving from the front door waiting for him.


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