Weekly Photo Challenge-Threshold


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A couple of repost shots and a fun photo this week.

Mildred_0477Mildred at the threshold waiting for her master.



Millicent joins her.

maggie_2005 041As the date indicates, this was about nine years ago, before we moved and our Maggie was just a ‘lass’.  We had despatched our first lounge suite (the one the kids could wreck) out of the house and Maggie decided that she liked it.  This is not a ‘one-off’ photo.  I cannot say whether she ever crossed the threshold and fell off the chair, however, this was not an unusual position to see her enjoying a nap.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold



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Look Up, Look Down Challenge-Wk-33



Look Up, Look Down

for week 33.


Balyang Sanctuary


cockatoo_0968The day I had  a successful shoot at Balyang Sanctuary this pair of cockatoos were

overseeing all the action and enjoying the morning sun.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge